Starting from 14.10.2013. we are no longer operating the highspeed line Split - Hvar - Split.

Starting from 30.06.2013. there is a new highspeed state line SPLIT - HVAR - VIS - SPLIT, check our new sailing schedule, points of sale, and ticket prices here!

Starting from 30.06.2013. we are no longer operating the highspeed state line Split - Hvar - Prigradica - Korčula !

Starting from 16.01.2013. there is a new highspeed state line Mali Lošinj - Ilovik - Susak - Unije - Martinšćica - Cres - Rijeka !

From 14.01.2013. we are no longer operating the highspeed state line Milna - Rogač - Stomorska - Split !

Krilo Carbo arrives in Croatia, regular journeys soon!

New high speed ship arriving in 2012!

Have a look at the picture of its luxury saloon and the general plan:

Complete General plan

About us

  • Company always was “level setter” in domestic maritime operations
  • Standardized operations
  • Ism certified company and ships
  • Focused on safety and quality comfort
  • Operations on State high speed services and on excursion services
  • Fast ferry fleet comprises 3 ships:
    • HSC Krilo Jet
    • DSC Krilo
    • DSC Mala Lara

Short History

Company was founded last days of the 1889, with small cargo carriers, and existed as such until 1973. In that time minor changes in vessel size and type occur.

1973 was a change over in company core business and it started with tourist ships also, and until 1981 cargo business was completely dismissed and company operated tourist ships only.

1982 company converted operations from daily activities to cruising also.

1990 first new purpose built cruising yacht "M/Y Kapetan Luka" was set into service.

2000/2001 company started with fast ferries, first catamaran purchased.

2003 company divided in two parts fast ferry operator and cruise operator, and is existing as such until.