Privacy Policy

Last updated on May 6th 2024.

“Kapetan Luka” is Your business partner that offers services of a cruise operator, fast ship operator, as well as any other type of maritime transfer to Your preferred destination.

Our goal is to provide a peaceful and carefree navigation on the Adriatic Sea, while providing security, quality and comfort in order to provide You with the highest quality of service.

With the same approach we deal with Your personal data, i.e. we value Your privacy and the security of Your personal information which You provide to us in order to enable the above mentioned services.

It is important to us that our partnership is based on trust, as well as complete and correct information. To achieve this goal, we will provide You with information regarding which of Your data we collect, for which purpose, and in which way You can access, correct, addend or delete Your personal information.

Your personal data can include Your name, Your address and Your email address.

Data processing of Your personal data can include: collecting, insight, using and processing for a specific purpose.

Kapetan Luka is processing Your data in accordance to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and in accordance to Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection Act which is passed in Croatia (NN 42/2018).

We collect Your personal data (name, surname, email address) so that we can answer to your questions. We use Your data only for that purpose.

After we give You an answer, we delete personal data concerning You.

Kapetan Luka is not using Your personal data for marketing purpose (we are not using newsletters).

When You are choosing Your desired destination, we will ask for Your personal data for the purpose of buying a ticket. In that case we will ask for Your personal data: name, surname, email address, Your credit card number with expire date. Those data we are using only for the purpose of buying a ticket. We will never share Your personal data with third party.

Other technologies

If you register to receive updates by email, you will receive emails which will contain a web beacon. This will take the form of a small, transparent image, which is embedded in each email.  It will be used to send information such as your IP address, when each email was viewed, from what device and which geo-location.  We use information about email usage to compile reports and to help us improve our communications. Our websites may also collect your IP address which is routinely stored as part of web server log files for 14 days.


Kapetan Luka does not misuse Your personal information (we are not selling or sharing them with third parties).

Kapetan Luka uses the services of it’s certified business partners so that we can provide You secure payment by credit cards .

You can be fully informed of that matter on our web page (Payment Security statement).

If during the online shop You provide us with an email address of another person, You must obtain that person permission so we can be sure that You use data from that person only for a particular purpose.

Kapetan Luka can disclose Your personal data only when there is a legal basis (for example when the police demand it).

It is important for us to secure Your data. We always take appropriate technical and organizational measures so we can ensure and be able to prove that we protect Your personal data from various risks.

If You want to know which personal data Kapetan Luka collects, or want to inspect, change or supplement Your data, please contact Personal Data Protection Officer to email address:

Kapetan Luka will update this privacy policy whenever there is a need for that (for example if there is a change, add or something like that) and only in purpose that we can provide You complete and clear information.

If we make significant changes we will let You know but please regularly check this policy to ensure You are aware of the most update version.